1920’s Party at Historic Hartley Mansion

[The 1920’s party is about to Roar]

[Final Makeup]

[Let’s get this party rolling!]

[Cirque du Soleil Juggler arrives!]

[He makes it look so easy!]

[Mascha and others got it!]

[Even the master misses the first effort. Others try with varying success.]

[I think it’s about time to start the Murder Mystery.]

[Final Clues needed to the solve the Mystery]

[Special to have the 3rd Floor Ballroom Floor to yourself.]

[The Birthday Dinner begins]

[Everybody is enjoying the birthday dinner]

[Can I get you anything?]

[More wine?]

[How is my headband?]

[A little music to end the evening]

[Photo op before departure]

[Proud mom with stylish daughters]

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