at the Historic Hartley Mansion 2320 Rucker Ave. Everett, Wa. 98201 by Patti Larson, Bob Brown and Sanford Wright MD

Larry was hired July 12, 1999 by Patti Larson on behalf of Dr. Sanford Wright as the Groundskeeper and Maintenance man for the buildings at 2030, 2312 and 2326 Rucker buildings.

Larry was truly a “one-in-a-million” type of guy! He loved coming to work. He ways happy to help and always had a smile on his face. Larry never complained!

He took great care of everything around here – including his “Boss’s Rabbit (car)” and him his favorite sandwich lunch from the Sister’s Restaurant on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursdays!

He also ”Mansion-Sat” and provided security for piano recitals and other events at the Hartley Mansion.

For many years. He loved being rewarded by the piano teachers with plates of cookies. He was our resident “cookie monster”!

Again – we could always count on Larry to take care of anything that needed be to be done. Day – or night!

We were so fortunate to have him on our team here for so many years. Definitely a “Star”! And so – he will always be remembered – and he will always be missed.

We presented him with a plaque one year for his service. And also placed a sign above the storage room door downstairs that read:”Executive Office of Laurence Smith”. One of the most fun things that we ever did for any employee. He absolutely loved that sign! It’s still there- and a reminder to us of what an important part he played in keeping things going here at the Historic Hartley Mansion!

This note, along with a photo of Larry and a photo of his “Executive Office” , will be added to the Historic Hartley Mansion Website (www.hartleymansion.com) at a newly designated site – ” The Historic Hartley Mansion Staff” that will appear on the website over the next week.

everettneuromasteruser2017A RECOGNITION for LARRY SMITH