It Takes A Community To Fight Cancer

Frontiers in Brain Tumor Research and Treatment         
Help Me To Stand

Sponsored by
Seattle CyberKnife
David Sabey   
Mark Jones  
Patric Wiesmann

Honored Guest Speaker
Leroy Hood M.D. PhD

Featured Speakers
Mayor of Everett, Ray Stephanson
Greg Foltz M.D.   
Elie Saikaly M.D.   
Marc Mayberg M.D.

Thursday, March 23, 2006      5:30pm – 8:30pm
at the Dorothy Jayne Studio 2931 Bond St.
Everett, Wa. 98201



Welcome to “Frontiers in Brain Tumor Research and Treatment: Help Me To Stand”. This evening is dedicated to the cancer patient and family – and the new innovative support and treatments that physicians, scientists, healthcare providers, government and community can create when working together to respond to their needs.

Jim Potocsnak PA-C and I are pleased with the affiliation we have brought about between the Seattle Neuroscience Institute at Swedish Hospital Medical Center and Providence Everett Medical Center. This affiliation has attracted Marc Mayberg M.D., David Newell M.D., Joe Eskridge M.D. and Greg Foltz M.D. not only to our office at the Everett Neurological Center for consultaions but also to the Staff at Providence Everett Medical Center, where they perform surgeries and proceedures. Both Jim and I truly feel that we have brought to Everett: “World Class Neurosurgical Care Without Leaving Your Community.”

We are grateful that Reverend Larry Perry will offer the blessing for the outstanding Seattle CyberKnife-Sponsored dinner created by Marjorie Laymance of Gallery Cuisine, who has honed her skills under the famous restauranteur, “The Iron Chef”, Tom Douglas. And we hope that all of you will take the opportunity of asking the amazing Mr. Dehner Franks to play either selections from his new, yet to be released CD or your favorite request. Later in the evening, you will learn the real reason for which he was flown up from Las Vegas to be with us this evening.

Lastly, we owe the presence of our Key Note Speaker, Leroy Hood M.D. PhD. to Dr. Greg Foltz, who has performed research with Lee for about 8 years. Greg has been pleasantly surprised to learn that one of tonight’s guests, Russ McDuff carried out research in conjuntion with  Lee Hood’s lab while at CalTech.

You will notice that tonight’s event is being both recorded and photographed. If you would like a candid photo of yourself with others, please request it of our photographer, Curt Nakon (who can be reached after the event at 206-782-9225). Should you wish a DVD of tonight’s event, please call Puget Sound Video (425-775-31699).

Please take the opportunity to introduce yourself to some of the other guests, many of whom have flown or driven into town just for this occasion. Both Jim and I hope that you truly will have a very special experience this evening.

Sanford Wright M.D.

State of Washington
P.O. Box 40002 – Olympia, Washington 98504-002   (360-753-6780

Greetings from the Governor

March 23, 2006

I am delighted to extend warm greetings to all who are attending this evening’s special event, sponsored by Seattle CyberKnife. Tonight’s presentation – Frontiers in Brain Tumor Research and Treatment – features truly gifted and visionary scientists, whose scientific and medical contributions are both revolutionary and extraordinary.

Dr. Sanford Wright and his colleagues, of the Everett Neurological Center, have long been recognized for their “firsts” – using the lastest in technological advances in their treatment of patients here in Washington State. They serve as strong reminders about the importance of keeping up with the lastest in research and treatment technology, which has so dramatically changed their options for patient treatment over the years.

These physicians also serve to illustrate the importance of improving our educational system so young people will have the skills they need to follow in the impressive footsteps of Dr. Wright and his team, and other pioneers you will hear from tonight.  We all want our children to achieve greatness in the work they chose to do during their lives. I believe we have a responsibility to do our part to help them to succeed – I am committed to this myself.

I am honored to send my best wishes to Mayor Stephansonand other Everett community leaders and members who gather to hear from these celebrated professionals. May this evening be amemorable and enjoyable one for all of you.

Christine O. Gregoire


Sanford Wright M.D.

“Help Me To Stand”
Dehner Franks

Sponsorship of Dinner
Seattle CyberKnife
Patric Wiesmann  
Mark Jones  
David Sabey

Video and Sound – Puget Sound Video
(Mukilteo Rosehill Presentation click here)
Richard Eaks – David Eaks 

Caterer – Gallery Cuisine
Marjorie Laymance

The Dorothy Jayne Studio
Sanford Wright and Olga Forponova with Peter Newland

City of Everett
Kate Reardon, Public Information Director, City of Everett
Deborah Wright, Director of Neighborhood and Community Services

Public Pacific Affairs
Lily Eng

Sabey Corporation
Eileen De Armon, Director of External Affairs

Local Event Support – Everett Neurological Center
Patti Larson, Manager and Staff

Photography – C and N Photography
Curt Nakon

Anthony’s Formal Wear – Tuxedo Rentals and Sales
Anthony J. Phillips                                                                                                

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