Newland Construction

Phase I 1983-4    Phase II 1987-88

Through an introduction by my father, Sanford Wright Sr., a retired general building contractor, I was introduced to Peter Newland, Newland Construction. My father also introduced me to Bob Butterfield, an architect of Butterfield Design, who worked closely with Newland Construction on this project. There were no specific architectural plans or drawings for this project. In one instance, to make a point, Bob Butterfield wrote out an idea or design on the wall now hidden behind the large mirror located halfway up the main staircase.

Steven Underwood, Project Office Manager: Scott Fuller, on-site construction superintendent for phase II (mainly the 3rd floor project). Larry Kanikeberg, the on-site construction superintendent for phase I (mainly 1st & 2nd floors), was not present.

Special Guests Scott Fuller and Steven Underwood led by Sanford Wright MD, who was accompanied by Bob Brown, Office Maintenance Extraordinaire (2011 – 2024).

Scott Fuller (left); Bob Brown (center); Steve Underwood (right)

The Tour was “born” when I received a call from Joni Smith about a month earlier. I had met Joni at the Hartley Mansion a few months prior to that and learned that she worked at the Hartley Mansion – then the “LeGault Nursing Home” – as a young Nurse. Her nursing desk was located to the left of the the bathroom door on the main floor of the Hartley Mansion through removal of the lower back stairway.

Joni called me and let me know that a friend, Scott Fuller, the retired Newland construction supervisor of the Historic Hartley Mansion Restoration Project was visiting her home about a block for Providence Regional Medical Center Everett. I was there within minutes!

After re-uniting with Scott Fuller, who I had worked with so closely 40 years earlier, I immediately asked him if he would like to visit the old Hartley Mansion – to which his reply was an enthusiastic “YES!”. And I was thrilled that he has stayed in touch with Steve Underwood these past 40 years. We totally agreed that he should be with us on the Tour.

Finally, the Tour wouldn’t be complete without the presence of our current office maintenance manager extraordinaire, Mr. Bob Brown.

We all agreed that the Tour was “ON” for March 14, 2024!

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Sanford Wright MD
Neurological Surgeon
Owner of the Historic Hartley Mansion

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