Piano Music Entertainment at The Historic Hartley Mansion

Over the past 25 years many, many events of all kinds have taken place at the Historic Hartley Mansion. (See floor banners just inside the entrance of the Historic Hartley Mansion next time you visit. Also,  banner content may be found under “Hartley Family Reunion May 2, 2010″ on this website.) These events  have included piano recitals and performances of Judy Baker’s students.Therefore, Judy was asked if she could salute the many artists and performers that have passed through the Mansion and provide piano music entertainment for the guests of Historic Everett’s Home Tour. Her students response may be found in the nearly 6 hours of piano music that was recorded by Rick and David Eaks of Puget Sound Video (below).  Please enjoy the presentation of Judy’s students.

Sanford Wright Jr. M.D.

(Piano Teacher, Coach & Adjudicator)

Judy Baker, one of Everett’s truly inspirational piano teachers, received early training from a Seattle native, Paul Pierre McNeely. Later, she graduated from Western Washington University, where she studied with both Dale Reubart and Betty Tomforde.

She has developed a wide range of teaching experiences through her interaction with students spanning the levels of kindergarten through college. In particular, a major focus of Judy’s piano pedagogy has been focused upon high school students – as well as year long courses for adults as well.

Judy is a lecturer, master class teacher and adjudicator. At various times her talents have been in demand in Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Alaska. For many years she was a member of the state board of Washington State Music Teachers Association.

Her students serve to symbolize the many, many, many arts as well as non-arts oriented individuals, groups and events that have taken place in the Historic Hartley Mansion over the last 25 years. Judy as well as all those referenced on the “Historic Hartley Mansion” banner have helped transform what would otherwise be a passive historical landmark into an irreplaceable part of everyday community life.

Piano Music played by Judy Baker’s Students

The 3rd Floor “Ballroom”

Aaron Adams
60 min.

Ternessa Cao  
57 min.

Katrina Overgaard  
53 min.

Stephen Binonodo  
29 min.

Jeanette Ojala  
29 min.

Anna Prykhodko 
1hr. 41 min.

Ovid Stavrica (Tour Guest)
18:44 min.

everettneuromasteruser2017Piano Music Entertainment at The Historic Hartley Mansion