The Everett Home Tour Interviews at The Historic Hartley Mansion

September 11, 2010


A measure of the success of “Historic Everett’s” Home Tour September 11, 2010 may be found in the comments of the guests and participants. Please enjoy the interviews provided by Rick and David Eaks of Puget Sound Video. They include comments from “Historic Everett” (Ed Morrow, Valerie Steele and others), some of Everett’s foremost historians (Larry and Jack O’Donnell), guests of “Historic Everett’s” Home Tour, Judy Baker and Students, contributing artists (Gerald Newport, Charles Henri Avelange, Ovid Stavrica & Taylor Baker) and members of Sanford Wright Jr. M.D.’s staff.


Sanford Wright Jr. M.D.

Historic Everett Participants

Ed Morrow 9:44 min.

Ed Morrow and Valerie Steele – Plaque Presentation to Sanford Wright Jr. MD 4:54 min.

Gail Fox 1:56 min.

Stella Jones 7:03 min.

Stella Jones and Sanford Wright – The Importance of the “News Paper Boy” 8:17 min.

Celebrated Everett Historians

Jack O’Donnell 3:59 min.

Larry O’Donnell 7:40 min.

City of Everett – Neighborhood and Senior Services

Deborah McGhie Wright 3:33 min.

Historic Everett – Home Tour Guests

Amy Laidlaw 3:02 min.

Anna Prykhodko 3:00 min.

Becky Alke 3:01 min.

Bing Martiez and Lori Dye 5:56 min.

Christy Robicheaux-Olsson 4:28 min.

Gordon Smith – Hartley Mansion Newspaper Boy in 1942 3:29 min.

Bonnie Campbell 2:00 min. 

Janis Hoover 2:26 min.

Jean Van Hollebeke 5:16 min.

Joy Bidwell 7:12 min.

Lynne Bennett 1:35 min.

Marilyn Pettersen 3:46 min.

Maxine Osborne 3:29 min.

Megan Cook 5:52 min.

Paul Siebenrock 4:06 min.

Robert C Bowling 12:44 min.

Sherry Ord 1:36 min.

Stephanie Steinberger 1:58 min.

Ternessa Cao 2:24 min.

Tim Tobin 2:35 min.

Victoria Thomle 4:31 min.

Linda Smith 1:50 min.

Special Piano Entertainment

Judy Baker: Organizer: Piano Music Entertainment 3:27 min.

Jeanette Ojala 4:24 min.

Katrina Obergaard 1:59 min.

Visual, Symphonic, Musical and Photographic Artists

Jerry Newport 18:06 min.

Charles-Henri Avelange 3:28 min.

Ovid Stavrica 7:00 min.

Taylor Baker 1:02 min.

Dr. Sanford Wright’s Office Staff

Patti Larson 8:15 min.

Charis Yates 3:41 min.

Larry Smith 5:36 min.

Bob Brown 4:51 min.

everettneuromasteruser2017The Everett Home Tour Interviews at The Historic Hartley Mansion