The Hartley Family Reunion

May 2, 2010


It was a great honor to have Roland Hill Hartley’s descendants take part in the “Hartley Family Reunion” May 2, 2010.Their enthusiasm, synergy and prolific stories magically transformed the “Everett Neurological Center” into the “Historic Hartley Mansion”. It is with great pleasure that I am able to share with you the Hartley family stories, anecdotes and history. (see below). Organization of this event would not have been possible without Co-Hosts Patti  Larson, my office manager, along with Larry Smith and Bob Brown. Finally, the family reunion will be preserved for future generations through the video archive captured by Richard and David Eaks (Puget Sound Video) and the wonderful photography of Taylor Roalson Baker.  Enjoy!

– Sanford Wright Jr. M.D.

The Hartley Family Reunion :  Arrival, Greetings and Conversations

Gretchen Hartley Hoffman : “Personal and Historical Remarks”

Janny Hartley Hartley – “Life in the Hartley Mansion”

Janny Hartley Hartley: “Roland Hartley’s roll top desk

Janny Hartley Hartley: Roland Hartley – Old Habits

Janny Hartley Hartley: “Plaster Bust and Holly Wreath”

Janny Hartley Hartley: “Family Relationships and ‘The Toast’ 

Janny Hartley Hartley : The Old Kitchen

Janny Hartley Hartley : The Old Pass Pantry

Janny Hartley : The Old Pierce Arrow on the Campaign Trail

Janny Hartley Hartley and Hartley Paul : Basement Memories

Hartley Paul : Chopping Kindling in the Basement

Hartley Paul: “Cass Lake – Highway 99 and other Stories”

Hartley Paul: “Roland Hartley’s Address to the Legislature 1925”

Jean Hartley Anderson: “The Parrot Story”

Jane Hartley Kingston: “The Necklace”

Edward Hartley Anderson: “Roland’s Personal Secretary”

Neil Hartley Anderson : Pierce Arrow Records

Roland Hartley’s Grand Children (video of photo shoot)

Roland Hartley’s Great Grand Children (video of photo shoot)

Roland Hartley’s Great, Great Grand Children (video of photo shoot) 

All Attendees of Hartley Family Reunion (video of photo shoot)

Hartley Paul: “Hill – Clough – Hartley Connection”

Edward Hartley Anderson Interview at the Historic Hartley Mansion 9-2-10  (58 min)

  • New Brunswick and Minnesota
  • Snoqualmie River and NW Logging
  • Clark Nickerson and Clough-Hartley Company
  • Timber Cruising in the Sultan Basin
  • Western Tulalip Reservation Logging Contract
  • Irving Hartley Logging Company
  • Transition from Logging and Lumbering to Politics
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