The Unexpected Visit of Roland Hartley’s Great, Great, Great Granddaughter

Robyn Renee, a Mental Health Professional with an office in the Historic Hartley Mansion, becomes the spontaneous Tour Guide for some unexpected guests.

Noel Hartley Anderson Sanchez and her husband, Wylie, were on their way to the airport, when they realized that they had an extra hour or two to spare. So, they stopped by the old Hartley Mansion.

However, they then resumed their drive until Noel called her mom in Minnesota, who told her to “Get back there. Talk to someone. Try and look around.”

Noel explained that she and Wylie live in Austin Texas. However, her family is from the Minnesota, Duluth-Twin Cities area. She explained that there is a Hartley Building in Duluth Minnesota. Noel told us that her grandma, Jance Hartley, lived in the Hartley mansion for a few years, when she was very little.

Noel said that she is the great, great, great granddaughter of Roland Hartley. She is related to the Neil Hartley branch of the family. (Neil Hartley Anderson is the great, great, grandson of Roland Hartley.)

Noel explained that they were on their Honeymoon. Even though they were married last year, they needed more time off for the honeymoon. So they planned the honeymoon this year.

Robyn’s other’s interest in Champion Afghan Hounds was shared by Noel. It was decided that they should be given “The Tour”.

Noel and Wylie along with Dr. Wright, cell phone videographer, Re-Grouped to begin “The Tour” in front of the Roland Hartley Banner near the front door of the Hartley Mansion.

Noel pointed out the name “Abigail Estey” on the Banner and cited a heretofore unknown historical narrative. She had been told that Abigail Estey was the granddaughter of one of the Jurors in the Salem Witch Trials, who condemned Mary Estey’s grandmother to death. She thought that her descendants later fled to Canada. Pointing to another area on the Roland Hartley Banner, she pointed out the name of “Gretchen”, who is her great Aunt, who still lives in Washington.

The family Shogomoc Maple Syrup Story.

Bob Brown coming down stairs encounters our special guests. “Pises Pie” anybody?

Bob, the Hartley Mansion Decorator Extraordinaire, mentions the 4th of July Holiday Decorations – including “Captain America”.

The Basement door, restored and brought to the main floor by Bob Brown, contains the maintenance record of the Hartley Pierce Arrow. After squinting at the hand writing, Noel concludes that it looks just like her grandma Janice’s hand writing. “I have her handwriting on some cards at home. It looks just like it!”

Dr. Wright asks Noel and Wylie to explain the “Mystery” of why a phone marked “Garage” is found in basement the Hartley Mansion.

After the visit, Maureen Keenan is descending the back stairs and explains how this unexpected visit of Noel and her husband, Wylie, unfolded.

Dr. Wright specifically explains that it was Maureen, who announced to him the unexpected arrival of Roland Hartley’s great, great, great granddaughter.

everettneuromasteruser2017The Unexpected Visit of Roland Hartley’s Great, Great, Great Granddaughter