Wally Nelson M.D. – Neuroscience History

“Neuroscience History in The Pacific Northwest”

Wally Nelson M.D.

Wally Nelson M.D. – Comments

Seattle: Early Neurosurgical Practice (H. Haven/H. McKay/S.N. Berens) (4:52)

Seattle: JY Phillips & others (1:36)

Everett: Early Neurosurgical Practice (5:16)

Everett: Scope of Practice and Anesthesia. (2:43)

U of W Neurosurgery Program: Arthur Ward M.D. (2:43)

Harborview – Funding and Restraints (1:48)

Pro Bono Work at Childrens & Harborview (0:54) 

Early Neuroscience Technology (3:11)

Early Angiography (1:39)

Thailand Experience (1:41)

Sinapore Experience (1:42)

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