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Gerald Lee Newport
Gerald Lee “Jerry” Newport has lived in Everett, Washington his entire life. He has two daughters, Tamara Lea and Jenifer Emiko. Jerry started drawing on a blackboard at the age of five. The first thing he learned to draw was an open umbrella taught to him by his father. He continued to study art during his elementary, junior high, and high school years.

After graduating from high school, Jerry won two art scholarships: the first was to Everett Junior College; the second was to the Banff School of Fine Arts at the University of Alberta in Banff, Canada. Following that, he attended the Art Center School in Los Angeles, California. He also had three years of private instruction from Bernie Webber, a local commercial and fine artist. Jerry began working as a technical illustrator at Milmanco, a privately owned company that serviced the Boeing Company. Next, he did commercial artwork for an independent telephone directory company. Finally, he became an advertising artist for the Everett Herald. He has exhibited at numerous area shows around the Puget Sound, including the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, and has received numerous awards. His paintings are displayed in business offices and private collections as far away as Norway.

Twenty five years ago, Jerry’s cousin, Sanford Wright M.D., asked Jerry if he could do an illustration of his clinic, also known as the Hartley Mansion. Jerry copied the outline of the historic structure from one of the original photographs. He knew that in time the logo would be used in a variety of sizes from large to very small and yet it had to maintain complete clarity. Therefore, Jerry chose the simple but elegant style of a “line drawing.” From only a bottle of black India ink and a ruling pen, Jerry created a logo design that has been used in letterhead many, many thousands of times over the last quarter of a decade. The logo design may also be found in the website.

Taylor (Roalson) Baker
I am an aspiring photographer and a recent graduate from Western Washington where I studied photography and French. During my time at WWU I was an in an intern for the Washington Art Consortium. From this opportunity I learned archival photography. I photo-documented the Hartley Historic Photographic Collection in honor of the 100-year celebration of the Hartley Mansion and for the preservation of historical works of art.

Kelsey Waddle
It was a pleasure working on the Historic Hartley Mansion webpage. As a child I played the piano and regularly participated in competitions throughout Snohomish County. A few times I had the opportunity to play the Grand Piano in the Hartley Mansion’s ballroom but I never got the chance to stop and admire the rich history surrounding the house. Being able to work on the webpage allowed me the chance to learn about and admire the photos and history that are present in the Hartley Mansion. Making the history of the Hartley family and their house available to the public is a project that I feel strongly about and I deeply enjoyed working on. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to access history that may not always be available. Putting the Hartley’s history online creates an opportunity for the public to learn about and embrace part of our County’s rich history.

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